Sexual Offences

For many people, simply being accused of a sexual offence whether recent or historic, can have the most devastating impact on their lives and the lives of their family. The feeling of stigma and shame surrounding these offences is very much part of a client’s real-world experience and from the outset the trust and guidance required by an accused person in their lawyer is most unlike any other offence. Such cases need a significant degree of sensitivity in how they are handled and as a boutique firm we offer a more personalised relationship than can sometimes be provided by larger corporate firms. We consider that early advice and representation is crucial as a client’s credibility and consistency can be of more significance than in almost any other allegation.

Reputation is of fundamental importance to all clients and for those in the public eye this is a critical consideration in view of potential media coverage. We work with you and reputational experts to ensure a joined-up approach with a view to managing the potential public perception should there be media involvement. We also work closely with expert forensic scientists, medical experts, DNA and blood analysts and computer experts to ensure that if a prosecution can be diverted at an early stage, we can make forceful representations to protect you. However, should a case proceed to charge we will ensure no issue is too small and no item overlooked in preparing your case for trial.

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