For Individuals

Egan Meyer provides advice, support and representation to individuals who are involved in criminal investigations and regulatory enforcement action, either as suspects in their own right or because one of the UK’s law enforcement agencies or regulatory bodies regards them as a potential witness.

Regulatory Enforcement

Egan Meyer’s niche expertise in this area is targeted towards health and safety, fire safety, environmental protection and consumer protection.

Criminal Investigations

Egan Meyer has a combined 60-years experience in defending individuals accused of criminal wrong-doing.

Advising Employees

Egan Meyer provides advice and assistance to employees whose actions, omissions and/or failures at work may result in personal criminal liability, particularly in the context of health and safety.

Witness Interviews

Egan Meyer is frequently engaged to provide advice and support to potential witnesses when they speak to investigating authorities and in advance of them giving evidence.

Advising Sports Professionals

Richard Egan has acted for some of the most recognisable sports personalities in the world, helping them to navigate the sharp-end of alleged wrong-doing with a clear focus on reputation management.

Driving Matters

Egan Meyer provides legal representation to those arrested or charged with all driving-related offences from simple speeding allegations through to drunk driving and causing death by dangerous driving.

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