Police Investigations

Every person interviewed by the police should arm themselves with professional legal assistance. It is a popular misconception that if you are asked to attend a police interview you are “admitting guilt” by arranging for a solicitor to attend with you. In fact you are far more likely to inadvertently put yourself in a difficult position if you do not attend with a solicitor to advise and assist you through the process.

We have vast experience dealing with police investigations. Our starting point is always to explore the possibility of diversion away from progression to the criminal courts system and our most satisfying outcomes will be those where we have successfully navigated pathway away from charge. However in those cases where that is not possible we ensure our clients are armed with the advice, assistance and protection that 3 decades of experience provides. What occurs at the police station stage of any case can have a profound impact on the future direction of a case and consequently decisions taken at this stage are often the foundations of a successful defence strategy.

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