Offences of Dishonesty

A conviction for an offence of dishonesty can have profound consequences on clients’ reputations. Even the smallest allegation can be potentially devastating. Our expertise in advising clients through this often complex world can make the difference in ensuring your protection. Where appropriate, we always explore the possibility with the police and prosecution teams of diverting matters away from the criminal justice system as we know how damaging this type of label can prove to be. However where that is not possible and if charges are brought we will ensure we provide you with the very best protection we can in defending your integrity. We regularly assist clients in the following allegations:

  • Theft;
  • Theft from Employer;
  • Tax Evasion offences;
  • Fraud;
  • Fraud by False representation;
  • Fraud by Failing to Disclose;
  • Obtaining Goods or Services by Deception; and
  • Proceeds of Crime Offences.
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