Extradition and Cross Border Offences

Anyone accused or convicted of an offence in a foreign jurisdiction is potentially liable for extradition. We have expertise in advising clients in the UK who are or might be subject to an extradition request from another country. Such requests can often be politically motivated and extradition proceedings involving countries where a political driver is suspected make up a large number of the matters we have successfully argued against in the magistrates’ courts, and the High court.

Alternatively there might be a number of human rights arguments that may prevent a UK court from extraditing a client to a country where their treatment might be subject to real concern.

Following Brexit, the European Arrest Warrant scheme is no longer in place and so there are new uncertainties in requests from the EU that can be explored.

Whatever the country of origin of a request it is vital to instruct expert lawyers who can advise in this complicated and evolving area of the law. We have the necessary expertise and as a boutique firm we offer a more personalised relationship than can sometimes be provided by larger corporate firms.

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