Drugs Offences

Possession and/or supply of illegal drugs is a serious matter and can be dealt with by the prosecution authorities in a number of ways ranging from a caution for simple possession up to life imprisonment for the sophisticated supply of class A drugs. The range of penalties demonstrate how complex these allegations can be and are dependent on numerous factors, such as possession or possession with intent to supply; the class of the drug; the role played by the accused; the amount and purity of the drugs; and the offending history of those involved.

It is crucial to obtain advice at the earliest stage of proceedings so that all available options can be explored. Some so called “legal highs” can also be criminalised and it is important to be aware of the lawful position in order to make sensible and reasoned decisions.

Classes of more common drugs

  • Class A: Heroin, Cocaine, Methadone, Ecstasy, LSD, Magic Mushrooms
  • Class B: Cannabis, Some Synthetic Cannabis like Spic, Amphetamines or Speed, Some barbiturates,
  • Class C: Ketamine, GHB, Anabolic Steroids, Khat
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