Allegations of Non-fatal Violence

Allegations of violence are wide ranging, from the smallest incident involving the slightest contact through to serious wounding and grievous bodily harm. However, no matter the level of assault alleged, all have serious consequences and even the most minor offence can lead to major repercussions at work and with future employment prospects. A conviction for the most serious assaults will lead to a lengthy prison sentence.

We have the experience and skill set to ensure every allegation is assessed in the closest of details with the use of expert evidence, CCTV enhancement, expert injury assessments and level of force analysis. Once we have assessed the full evidential picture we will advise you on the strength of the case and the potential defences to ensure that we achieve the most positive outcome possible in all circumstances.

We can assist in all levels of allegation including the following:

  • Common assault;
  • Assault occasioning actual bodily harm;
  • Assaults on emergency workers or police;
  • Assault with intent to resist or prevent arrest;
  • Wounding or grievous bodily harm without intent;
  • Wounding or causing grievous bodily harm with intent;
  • Neglect of a child including assault;
  • Causing a child or vulnerable adult to suffer serious physical harm;
  • Affray; and
  • Violent Disorder
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