Witness Support and Familiarisation

Jim Meyer and Richard Egan have a combined 60 years’ worth of experience of criminal litigation and they are ideally placed to advise and provide support to potential witnesses when an investigating authority indicates that it wishes to speak to them. Egan Meyer gives their clients the reassurance that an individual’s rights, including the right not to incriminate oneself, are protected and that the witness provides the best evidence (s)he can.

Egan Meyer can also provide familiarisation training to witnesses who are to be called to give evidence during proceedings (inquisitorial and criminal), ensuring that a witness has a complete understanding of the theory, practice and procedure of giving evidence and what is expected of them. This includes orientating the witness with:

  • The layout of the legal forum;
  • The likely sequence of events when the witness will be giving evidence; and
  • The different responsibilities of the various people at the hearing.
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