Inquests and Public Inquiries

Our expertise includes advising interested parties at inquests, conducting the advocacy and providing support and awareness training for witnesses who may be called to give evidence. Although the purpose of inquests is to determine who, where, when and how the deceased died, the questioning can often go wider than these four issues and Coroners will almost certainly direct for a number of enquiries to be carried out, including:

  • Obtaining medical records;
  • Taking witness statements;
  • Obtaining expert reports;
  • Obtaining prison records / police records / other relevant records;
  • Obtaining CCTV or other recordings of relevant evidence.

In addition to assisting witnesses, Egan Meyer provides support to any duty-holder’s wider investigation, including coordinating and providing investigative resources, and liaising with the coroner in relation to requests for disclosure and witnesses that are likely to be called during the proceedings.

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