Corporate Manslaughter

Egan Meyer is a business crime defence firm with unique experience and expertise in defending companies under investigation for corporate manslaughter. Jim Meyer’s background as a health and safety lawyer has inevitably meant that he has been asked to provide advice and representation both to companies and prosecuting authorities following fatal accidents when the police retain primacy of the investigation and are actively considering whether there is sufficient evidence to bring a case for corporate manslaughter.

These investigations are time-consuming and obviously very stressful for all involved. An adverse finding can have devastating consequences on the business, both financially and reputationally. Bereaved relatives are often the loved ones of cherished employees, and Egan Meyer has the expertise and experience to help businesses navigate through the complexities of the situation. This experience extends not just to managing the crisis that unfolds in the immediate aftermath of an accident, but also providing advice and representation to employees and/or business owners of others lawyers’ clients when the authorities indicate they wish to speak to them.

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